Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Don’t just browse and guesstimate what your cost to remove popcorn ceilings is, find out simply from the real ceiling experts! Best of all, no schedule on-site estimates (a real waste of time)… there is no need! Professionals can tell you by just knowing a few facts, well we can not speak for everyone but here at Paint Squad that’s how we work!

Costs of removing popcorn ceilings decreases when you do the project yourself, but beware, removing popcorn ceilings is an extremely messy job, especially for those whom do not have the experience and techniques a qualified ceiling expert has. Not only the mess, but when scraping the ceiling, if not done professionally can leave nicks, gauges and loose tape.

When considering removing popcorn ceilings to save costs, consider all options. When you need expert, quality popcorn ceiling removal services, give the professionals at Paint Squad a call, text or email.